AI for Executive Teams: Interactive Workshop Series

Empower your leadership with practical AI insights and strategic applications in our hands-on workshop.

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Transform Your Leadership with AI Strategy and Insight

Are you ready to demystify the world of Artificial Intelligence and harness its potential for your executive team?

Choose from our focused one-day workshop or the comprehensive two-day experience, each designed exclusively for executive leadership.

Day 1: Mastering the AI Landscape

  • Dive into the current state of AI: Understand generative AI and large language models.
  • Hands-on experiences: Practical demonstrations of cutting-edge AI tools.
    Beyond the Tech: Ethical considerations, rules, and regulations.
  • Myth vs. Reality: Separating AI hype from its true business potential.

Day 2: From Learning to Leading with AI

(Recommended add-on)

  • Interactive Strategy Session: Identify 3-5 AI pilot projects for your organisation.
  • Problem-solving with AI: Tackle your biggest organisational challenges.
  • Execution Roadmap: Plan and implement your projects within 90 days.
  • Future Planning: Assess, scale, and integrate AI solutions company-wide.

What You Will Gain

Acquire crucial insights into AI's practical applications, evaluate tools suitable for your business, and master strategic AI integration. This knowledge empowers your executive team to lead confidently in the digital age.

  • In-depth AI Knowledge

  • Practical Use Cases

  • Strategic Foresight

  • Strategic Foresight

  • Innovative Problem-Solving

Why Choose Our Workshop?

Expert-Led Sessions

Guided by Martin Broadhurst, a Top AI Strategist named by the Marketing AI Institute in 2022. Benefit from his extensive experience and cutting-edge insights.

Expert led

Tailored Content

Developed by an industry expert, ensuring content resonates with executive needs and fosters practical application in your business context.


Actionable Outcomes

Walk away equipped with a practical, clear AI integration plan, shaped by insights from a recognised leader in AI and digital marketing strategy.

Leaders Share Their Success with Our AI Workshops


Excellent Workshop

We plan to implement these strategies to enhance our campaigns. A must for leaders wanting to save time and improve marketing effectiveness.

Dr.Mohamed Abdallah Ahmed
Manager Director


Best Day I've Spent at a Workshop

Wanted to find out more about OpenAI and ChatGPT. All parts of the event were useful, and it's the best day I've spent at a workshop for a few years.
Tim B
Chief Technology Officer


Exceptional, Extremely Knowledgeable

Came to gain an understanding of ChatGPT, and the session exceeded my expectations. Martin Broadhurst was exceptional with an excellent presentation style.
Robert N



Martin Broadhurst was exceptional and extremely knowledgeable.
Scott P
Head of Marketing


Immensely Enjoyable and Perfectly Paced Workshop

Martin's full-day AI workshop was tailored to our needs, covering AI/ML, GPT-3, and more. It was insightful for identifying practical AI tools for our agency and clients. Highly recommend his expertise.
Rob T
Managing Director


AI Consultancy Excellence in Action

Recently, I worked with Martin on AI in marketing, gaining invaluable insights. His workshop on AI tools and integration was exceptional and strongly recommended for any agency exploring AI.
Liam L


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AI Literacy Workshop – Day One Only


  • Comprehensive AI Training: Understand the current AI landscape.

  • Hands-On Demos: Experience the latest AI technologies.

  • Ethical Insights: Learn about the rules and regulations in AI.

  • Myth-Busting: Separate AI realities from fiction

Complete AI Leadership Package – Two Days


  • Includes all features of the AI Literacy Workshop

  • Strategy Development: Identify 3-5 potential AI pilot projects.

  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in strategic, problem-solving discussions.

  • Long-Term Integration: Insights on scaling and assessing AI projects.